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I have over twenty years of success in creative design, brand development, and over ten years of experience in website design.

With a proven track record as an innovative entrepreneur by developing three startup companies in the health and wellness industry,  I understand how important it is to be represented well by your brand. 

Unless I'm working on a mural or other fine art project, I am available
Monday through Friday from 9am - 5pm central time.

I will respond to your calls, text, and emails the following day if it's after 5pm Monday - Friday.

I do not work on the weekends (Saturday & Sunday) I use the time to spend with my family.

Logo of a howling coyote design for and by Kat McCool


​It's great to know before we get started...

I currently charge $75 per hour for all design work and very basic IT support.

I require a $500 deposit for all websites which includes the setup and 2 hours of design work. 
I then bill $75 an hour until the site is complete.

I accept cash, check & various payment apps.

Logos can take up to 8 hours to create (sometimes longer).
The more you know what you want, the easier/quicker the process. 

Take your time filling out the questionnaire and enjoy the process! 

​Click the link below to get started.

Your project is very important to me!

I do my best to treat all clients as if they are my only one.  However, I usually have a few designs on my board at one time so it may be up to a week before I can get to new client work.

The good news is that I work quickly and love what I do!

​If I'm designing a logo for you, you get to be involved in the process.
This checklist gets the ball rolling and answers many questions in one fell swoop!
If you have misplaced your image key, please download it here.
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